Every year we are faced with the same decision over and over again. Jump-start this, jump-start that… how do those resolutions end up for you? We know that everyone is different and some things are easier than others, but in general, sticking to NEW anything can be difficult. It takes 3 weeks to make something a habit. Just 21 days! You can commit to that, right?

Here’s what goes wrong with most people and their resolutions. Some people put too much pressure on themselves and blow a diet. Or don’t view baby steps as progress, and burn out on a new exercise program. If that’s you, what will you do differently this year? If you’ve blown resolution after resolution, will you even set new goals for 2022? Some research has shown that NOT setting resolutions is the way to go. We believe that you do need some sort of path to follow. We also believe that you should set small, realistic goals.

We believe in a simple and direct approach to new year wellness—one that prioritizes your health in a real, actionable way every day of the year. Read on for a list of New Year’s resolution tips that will help you put your health first this year.

Don’t Slouch on Sleep

Get your ZZZs in! Seriously, one of the best health and wellness tips for the new year, or any time, is to prioritize your relationship with your bed. You’ve probably heard the experts say it before and it’s time to believe it. Sleep is crucial to any wellness or weight loss goal. Studies have shown that a lack of sleep can lead to hormone imbalances in the body, causing weight gain and other health concerns. Getting enough sleep isn’t just a way for your mind to recharge, but a necessary function for overall physical fitness.

Eat to Feel Good, Not to Feel Full

It’s cliche, but everyone is different. There’s no one magic diet that works for everyone. Our bodies need a little of this and a little of that—some carbs, some fat, some salt, and some sugar. How much of each substance our bodies need and what each of us can stand to cut out is what makes us all different. The best approach to eating a well-balanced diet is to have a variety of whole foods and stick with what makes you feel good! Eliminate things until you figure it out or hire a nutritionist to make this process easier.

If sweets are #1 in your hearts, try adding a little dark chocolate to your menu. If you find that bread makes you feel bloated, limit how much you eat. It’s all about paying attention to what your body’s telling you, not what the latest diet trend on Instagram says. If your diet doesn’t make you feel 100% throughout the day, you need to make changes, plain and simple. Coming up with health and wellness New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t be punishment, but some proper planning and work has to be involved in some way that’s specific to your lifestyle and current situation.

Get Your Sweat On; Make Movement a Part of Every Day

Sometimes, we set a pretty high bar for ourselves when we make New Year’s resolutions, only to find out that our busy lives can’t actually fit in seven CrossFit workouts a week. Our next New Year’s resolution tip is to start small with a new exercise regimen.

Just find time to move around every day. Take a walk around the block, sign up for a yoga class, or do some sit-ups at home. Whatever type of exercise you prefer, the most important thing at first is that you commit to doing it and follow through.21 days to a new habit, remember?! You’ll feel more active and more balanced, and you’ll have the satisfaction of keeping a promise to yourself. You can progress to more impactful workouts once you’ve built a habit.

Ace in the Hole: Get a Head Start With LipoSculpture at Simply Sculpt

You don’t have to do it all on your own. If there’s something you want to do for yourself, Simply Sculpt is here to help. A FunSculpting LipoSculpture procedure is a great way to kickstart the new year and your new commitment to health.

If you need an instant pick-me-up for 2022, schedule a consultation with us. Why? Because having stubborn, problematic fat removed from certain parts of your body changes your whole fat distribution and body chemistry—your body will work harder to consume energy after your treatment, burning more calories, and you likely won’t have as big of an appetite. With a renewed sense of confidence and pride in your appearance, we believe you’ll feel more motivated to eat right, sleep well, and exercise to maintain your results. We hope our Simple new year health tips will help you stay the course and become the fitter, happier person you want to be. Don’t ditch the goals when things get hard. Commit to at least 21 days and keep going after that. Let’s make 2022 the start of something great!

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