Everything You Need To Know About Fat Transfers

How many times have you thought “if I could just remove the fat from here and put it here…”?  We all have!  Have you wanted bigger breasts or buttocks but hate the thought of getting synthetic implants?  We get it!  AND we have a solution!!  FAT TRANSFERS!  Through science and technology, it’s finally possible to get larger, shapelier breasts and buttocks NATURALLY through fat transfers with the Fun Sculpting Body Contouring System at Simply Sculpt.

The Fun Sculpting Body Contouring System was not only made to remove unwanted fat BUT it was also specifically created to transfer your OWN fat back into a location YOU want.

Got questions?  We have answered some of the big ones below.

1. What Is a Fat Transfer?

A Fat Transfer is a natural solution to restore volume and shape to or enhance certain areas of the body.  Using the Fun Sculpting Body Contouring System, fat is removed from one area of your body and transferred to another area of the body where volume is wanted.  The most common areas for Fat Transfers are the breast and buttocks.

2. How Does the Fat Transfer Process Work?

The fat transfer process is essentially the same as fat removal procedure but with an extra step at the end. We use the vibration-assisted liposuction process to break down and remove the fat cells in area chosen.  We will then separate your healthy fat cells from the fluid used during the procedure.  After that, we literally change the cannula out for a new one and flip the switch!  The fat is then injected into the location you want enhanced.  The fat never comes in contact with the air or any other materials, so it is safer than other fat transfer procedures and poses less risk.

When all the fat has been transferred, the area will be massaged to ensure the fat has been broken up and distributed evenly for a smooth, natural-looking result.

3. What Results Can I Expect From a Fat Transfer? 

The results of a Natural Fat Transfer will depend on two main factors:

  1. The amount of fat we can safely harvest

  2. The amount of fat you want transferred

You need to have enough fat to remove in order to transfer the amount you want.  If you don’t have a lot of fat on your body, a fat transfer may not be an option for you.  However, it is possible to remove fat from more than one location in order to have enough to transfer.  Areas such as the stomach or thighs will typically have more fat than areas such as the arms or back (bra fat). We will let you know how much fat you need for a successful fat transfer during your consultation.

We typically need to take more fat than you want to ultimately have transferred.  The reason for this is that fat will “settle” as the area heals, so we need to inject a little more initially to account for that.

Fat Transfer recovery is similar to Fat Removal recovery and also requires wearing a compression device for up to a month.  Compliance with this is vital for optimal results.

4. Why Choose a Natural Fat Transfer Over Fillers or Implants?

First and foremost, by using your own fat, the process is safer and has less possible side effect than traditional implants.  The fat removed using the Fun Sculpting System is almost 2 times as pure as through traditional methods (90% compared to about 50%).  This helps greatly when reinjecting the fat as your body doesn’t see it as a foreign object and try to reject it.  The fat never leaves the Fun Sculpting System so the risk of injection is much lower.  In addition, since it is injected in the same method it was removed (and not through a needle), there is also far less risk of a fat embolism.

Second, it is NATURAL!  It is literally YOUR own fat!  No foreign, synthetic or manmade materials are being put inside your body.  This not only reduces the risk of allergies, infection, or implant rejection, it also removes the possibility of implants breaking, leaking, shifting or needing to be replaced.

5. Will Results Last?

As mentioned, some of the fat cells will settle over the first several weeks.  They are not going to move anywhere but as we age, we all lose volume and definition in certain areas so it may sag after several years.  Ultimately, it is permanent, but as with the fat removal procedure, a great amount it is dependent on the person and how they treat their body afterwards.  Following the post procedure instructions, as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle (good nutrition and hydration, skin care, sufficient exercise, weight maintenance, and not using drugs, alcohol or smoking) can help to maintain the longevity of the fat transfer (and fat removal) areas tremendously.

If you schedule a natural fat transfer procedure with Simply Sculpt Ohio, we will use the Fun Sculpting Body Contouring System to permanently remove fat from problem areas where you don’t want it and you can opt to have it moved to areas where you do want it! This combination of treatments allows you to slim down and perk up the right spots all at once. Talk about finally achieving your summer body!!

If you are interested in more information about the Fat Transfer procedure, please contact us to schedule a free consultation with the Simply Sculpt team. We will answer any remaining questions you have.