Body Sculpting for the Male Body

All of our lives we’ve heard countless methods on how to lose weight, tone up and finally get rid of those thunder thighs. But sadly, very few of these actually work – at least, not for most people. What we are never told is that we are born with a certain amount of fat cells in our bodies. You can’t get rid of them- they’re yours… and everyone has a different amount of them. That’s why some people can never work out and eat whatever they want and stay in shape, while others work out every day and can gain weight by just looking at a piece of cake!

The point is….  Some of us struggle with body image and body fat not because of our diets, but because of FAT RESISTANCE! No matter how hard you work out and how well you eat, some people are predisposed to have more fat cells in their bodies than others. For a long time, we thought we would just have to deal with this…  Not true!  Now you can take your shape and fat into your own hands!  Fun Sculpting by Simply Sculpt can get rid of that stubborn fat FOREVER!!  AND…  it is for women and men!

No one can hide from the predisposed fat boogeyman! Even though you might hear the ladies complain about fat issues more often than the guys, men are also victims of stubborn body fat and low self-esteem.  As with women, there are men who work out regularly and eat well but have areas that are predisposed to store fat, creating uneven fat distribution or a pudgy appearance that denies them the athletic build they want.  Thankfully, both men and women can get rid of those problem areas that are resistant to diet and exercise through Simply Sculpt’s amazing technology!

Most men have defined muscles buried underneath a layer of stubborn fat, and Fun Sculpting can eliminate this layer to uncover the tone and definition below. Popular procedure areas for men include abdomen, flanks, hips, chest, and chin.

 Want chiseled abs? No problem! We can get rid of that beer belly!

Toned chest? No problem!

Overall more athletic figure?  We can do that!!

Fun Sculpting at Simply Sculpt can help you get rid of that Dad Bod!! .

Who Is The Ideal Male Candidate?

Someone who is:

·       Unhappy with his body shape

·       Is in overall good health

·       Is at or close to his ideal weight

·       Has the appropriate amount of time to recover from treatment

What is Fun Sculpting?

At Simply Sculpt we perform Fun Sculpting to help men and women obtain their ideal body and increase their self-esteem.  We specialize in safe and gentle fat reduction treatments.  Our procedure utilizes state-of-the-art technology and doesn’t involve any ripping, heating, cooling, tearing, or general anesthesia. Fun Sculpting is a non-surgical procedure that uses high-frequency vibration to literally shake the fat cells loose.  The fat is then permanently removed using a gentle vibration-assisted suction process. Our procedure is minimally invasive and doesn’t require a hospital stay, anesthesia, stitches, or a long healing process.  Unlike traditional liposuction, our technique leaves the surrounding tissue undamaged which helps ensure a tightened, toned appearance after treatment. You are awake the entire time and will be back to normal activities in less than 72 hours (depending on how many areas you treat at once).

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!  We would love to discuss how we can help you get rid of that Dad Bod for good!